Greensteam Acquires The Assets Of Enerforce To Enhance AI Services For The Maritime Industry

GreenSteam Vessel Optimisation Ltd., developers of vessel performance optimisation solutions for a sustainable shipping industry, has acquired the assets of Greece-based maritime software specialist Enerforce Solutions and Consulting Ltd to diversify and enhance its product offering driven by Liberty, the most advanced noon reporting validation system. The current office of Enerforce will become GreenSteam’s offices in Piraeus, Greece.

The Liberty platform acts as a central repository for data deriving from noon reports and uses an advanced validation process to remove inaccurate data received from vessels.

Due to their propensity for errors, noon reports have been a considerable challenge for the shipping sector’s ability to generate accurate vessel data for years. But with carbon-cutting regulations emerging in recent years it has become increasingly crucial for ship owners to ensure that vessels are compliant – both for existing and impending directives.

By cleaning up the data through a stringent validation process, Liberty monitors inputs with in-built logic to warn the users onboard of any anomalies at the time of data entry. In this way, Liberty provides ship owners with a more accurate overview of vessel performance compared with traditional noon reporting and, alongside improved vessel management, can be used to demonstrate regulatory compliance against mandatory reporting including EU MRV, IMO DCS, TMSA3 element 10 and the upcoming Carbon Intensity Indicator. The software also removes the need to install high frequency data sensors, providing a simple, cost effective solution to enhancing noon report data quality.

As a flexible addition to GreenSteam’s services, Liberty can be integrated into a broader performance enhancing platform with the existing advanced tools and services, or acquired as a standalone solution, depending on the customer needs.

Simon Whitford, CEO of GreenSteam, said: “Quality data is essential to building and extracting the full value from GreenSteam’s artificial intelligence and machine learning models. By drawing data from validated noon reports our customers will be able to more effectively generate cost-savings and identify where they need to take action to ensure that the latest emissions regulations are being met.”

Former Managing Director of Enerforce, Dimitrios Tagkalis, taking up the position of General Manager Greece, GreenSteam, said: “Ease of use and a cost-effective approach is very important as pressures mount around regulatory compliance. With new mandates continuing to emerge we created Liberty to be the most cost-effective and easy to use solution for the market. By joining GreenSteam, our customers will now have access to a portfolio of services which will allow them to generate substantial cost and fuel-savings.